What Genealogy Means To Me

Here is a LO that I did recently about genealogy. I put the journaling up here since it is not something you can see on screen.

I have been thinking about what genealogy means to me this evening. I suppose it is a little like being a tree. I know that I have roots just below the surface of the ground. I just had to bend over and start digging to discover what anchored me to the earth, where I came from and how deep those roots ran.
There are mixed opinions in the scientific community as to whether nature or nurture dictates what we become. But when you study genealogy, you begin to see both influences. You know these people passed on their genetics to you, but they also pass their life experiences on to you. Events that occured hundreds of years before you were conceived helped to shape who you are. It reaffirms my faith that God was considering my small life long ago, too.

If I were a gambler, I would say that the odds of my maternal family line and my paternal family line coming together from the same part of Virginia over 250 years ago and then reconnecting again in my parents, being a coincidence are 1 in a million.

After we were married for 18 years, I discovered that my husband and I were 5th cousins. Despite being raised 300 miles apart, somehow our family lines had managed to reconnect yet again.

Maybe some people wouldn’t find that profound, but to feel like I am part of a greater plan both humbles and comforts me.