Find some pictures of your immediate family. Try to think of some memorable experience you shared with each of them.

Write a list of words describing each of them.

Describe your relationship with your parents and siblings individually.

Did you have a special “role” to play in your family? The Baby? the Peacekeeper? Mother’s Helper? The Clever One? The Artistic one? Other? How did that role affect your life?

Don’t forget to find photos to go with these journaling ideas, if at all possible. If you don’t have one, you might find one on a stock photo sight that fits the emotion you feel at the time.

  1. Family traditions
  2. Family jokes
  3. Typical family activities
  4. Talents that run in the family
  5. Name some typical wisdoms i.e. things your mother always told you and what situations they applied to, such as “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”, or “Don’t run with scissors”
  6. Describe your childhood home, neighborhood
  7. Relationship with siblings
  8. Finally, how old were you when you left your family and why did you leave?


3 thoughts on “AUTOBIOGRAPHY 2-Memories

  1. shocking says:

    with each relative, your role might be different..
    you are a baby for your parents, a role model for your sibling etc.
    how do u handly that.

  2. lascorpia64 says:

    This is very true, but I find that in most families everyone has a particular role that they predominantly fill. Think of it this way, you are in the middle of a crisis, someone in your family will go all to pieces and run around wringing their hands, causing others to be distracted from the problem at hand to take care of them. Someone will be good at soothing the nerves of the scatter brained people. Someone else will be good at deciding what needs to be done and delegating the tasks to everyone and some people will be good at helping but be incapable of deciding where to start on their own.

    If you think about it, certain people in your family can be counted on to fit these roles and you fit one of them.

  3. shocking says:

    so its like a trait.. a personality

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