AUTOBIOGRAPHY- Putting it on paper for your heirs

Presumably, if you are scrapbooking, you are intending to leave them to someone. So, why not include some personal information in them that they might not otherwise know and that is not obvious in the photos?

You have a story to tell. We all do. We all have experiences, some happy, some sad. We can pass on the insights we have gained from them.

A good place to start is with your name. Why were you given your name? Is it a family name? Can you ask your parents? You could look it up in one of those baby name books or a similar web site, to find out its meaning. It can be interesting to know what culture or country your name originates from.

  1. How did you feel about your name as a child.
  2. Was there any change in your feelings about it during your teen years? Did you change it’s form to a nickname?
  3. If you changed your last name, when did you do that, shy, and at what age?How did this effect you?

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