As per my earlier post on the meaning of your name as a journaling subject, I have written this journal entry. The only thing I haven’t found yet is what the origin of the name Wanda is. I guess I will save that for another post.

My Mother named me after a friend. She said that if she had known my Dad had a couple of first cousins named Wanda, she would have named me something different. My father wanted to name me Victoria Regina. My Mom said he wanted to pronounce the Regina similar to vagina. Someone to him that was how Queen Victoria pronounced her name. Mom figured that the teasing would be unmerciful and I have to admit she had a point. It just goes to show you, things can always be worse than they already are.

When I was a child, I hated my name. It seemed so unusual to me. Then to top that off there was a childrens program that had a puppet on it called Wanda the Witch. That was my name all the way through school.

It is not a common name in the north. At the high school I attended, my graduating class had a couple thousand kids in it and if you multiply that by 4 grades you get several thousand kids. I was the only Wanda among all the Kims, Amys, Lauras, Wendys, Lisas, Lindas,Marys, Beths, etc.

When I got older, I began to realize that most of the Wandas on television were hillbilly, redneck type women. They all seemed to be very ignorant and backward. That was horrifying to me because I am pretty intelligent.

When I met my husband, to my dismay, his mother’s name was Wanda, also. At first it was kind of neat. Then I figured out she didn’t like me very well. To make matters worse, I weighed maybe 115 pounds and she weighed at least 210. People began referring to us as little Wanda and big Wanda. You can imagine how much that endeared me to her.

Legally we had problems too. Our middle initial was also the same. So for many things I had to make it a point to sign my middle name. Taxes and any business with a bank meant really stressing that they make sure to use my social security number in order to avoid a nightmare.For correspondence and many other things I signed my maiden name and married name hyphenated.

I still do not really like my name, but it’s the only one I’ve got and I have grown used to having it.

I did decide to give my children normal if somewhat old fashioned names out of the Bible. Of course they probably don’t like them any better than I did mine.


  1. onecoolsoul says:

    Nice post there Wanda. It is interesting to read about how people feel about their names and such. I also wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog about the Larry McMurtry quote on incompentence. I thought that was an interesting quote indeed. I also thought I would let you know that I added your blog to my blogroll. From what I see you have a nice blog here on WordPress. Keep up the good work!

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