Anniversary of 9/11

The Anniversary of 9/11 is almost upon us and I am wondering what did they do with the chunks of the people that they kept and did DNA tests on? Also for the people who had prepaid for their burial arrangements, did their families get a refund for part of it, if there was no body or only a piece of a body? I wonder this because I have a potentially life threatening disease and it causes me to be worse about my naturally morbid sense of humor.

I mean it seems unfair to charge a family several thousand dollars for a casket and a burial plot when there is no body to put into it. Also in some areas of the country, it is even hard to find a place to be buried in the first place, wouldn’t it be better to leave the space for someone who needed it?

Anyone who reads this should try not to be offended. After all my Mother ruined me. She used to tell me that since her soul wouldn’t be in her body any more that we should just put her in a Hefty bag and toss her over the hill.

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