Reasons To Journal

1. To pass on your thoughts, memories and whatever wisdom you manage to acquire.

Even total idiots learn not to play in the traffic. That could be vital information to your decendants.

2. There are memories and family jokes etc. that you might not be able to show in pictures.

You might not have a picture that shows how Aunt Erma ran off with a traveling salesman or how pleased you were with your new houseshoes at Christmas time.

3. Photos don’t always show the personalities of the people in them.

I have photos of both of my Grandmas together and to someone else they look normal. I on the other hand can tell that they wish they didn’t have to be on the same planet let alone in the same photo.

4.You also can explain how you felt about a particular event that was photographed.

5.If you do it now, you will be more likely to remember details.

I’m pretty sure that the reason you get middle age spread is that all of your brain cells are moving south.

6.Do it in your own handwriting. Your descendants will feel sentimental about it.

TechnoratiThere might be important details hidden in it too. My Granmother has Parkinsons disease. One of the characteristics of the disease is that it makes your handwriting become small and cramped. I have seen the change over the years. In addition to that the tremors associated with the disease make writing very difficult. Wouldn’t it be cool, In the future if they couldfind our you had a serial killer in your family by analyzing handwring. Oh, I forgot, they can already do that.


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