There are places on the net where you can look up what happened on certain days or in certain years of your life. Try to remember where you were when they happened and how you felt and who you talked to about them. Do you think the event had an effect on your life? Did you learn something from it or change your way of thinking? Is there a reason you think it is an event that should be remembered?

I remember when Elvis Presley died. I was visiting my grandparents in Chesapeake, Ohio. It is across from Huntington, WV. Elvis was supposed to appear there at the newly built Civic Center. There wasn’t much to do at their house, so I was on the front porch listening to the radio. The radio reports were how I learned he had died. I remember feeling that my parents would understand the importance of the event more than my grandparents did if only they had been there. I felt like I was the only person on earth who knew the aliens had landed.

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