Depressed R US

I started feeling a little down this evening and found this site while surfing. It’s a list of things to do instead of killing yourself. Pretty funny!!!!


Christmas Blessing or Curse?

We had our family thing on Christmas Eve this year partly because my daughter planned to go with her fiancinators family on Christmas Day, and because my brother was originally supposed to be in for the weekend. He had to change his plan because he got stuck in Chicago making a run in his truck. One of the things I HATE about Thanksgiving and Christmas is that even if I do the cooking, someone else always has a reason why we should do it when they want to. I would be perfectly happy to eat a bologna sandwich under the tree but my husband thinks Christ and the 4 Horsemen of the Appocolypse will come if we don’t have the whole kings feast for Thanksgiving and Christmas and he got worse about it after his mother died. Not that he didn’t insist that we have our own dinner when she was alive. My Mom wants to make the dinner but is not physically or mentally capable of doing it and so makes these grandiose plans and at the last minute, I have to try to pull off a hail Mary pass in order to have some sort of meal.

This year, in the midst of this my spoiled daughter told me she wasn’t going to do anything for her brother for Christmas because he was not nice enough to her to deserve it. I had a hard time not blowing a gasket. I mean, I do alot of stuff for my family without respect to who deserves it and when we get right down to it, we are all undeserving of the good things we get and we usually don’t deserve the bad things that happen to us either. She seemed to have at least a pretend change of heart after I told her I sorta felt like my life must have been a wast if all of the things I did for her because I enjoyed doing them and enjoyed seeing her happy left her feeling that I only did things for people when they deserved them and that was what she learned from me.

Of course, I know that isn’t the example I have set for her, she just needed a knot jerked in her tail.

December 24th, I woke up hurting all over and feeling like I had not even enough energy to breath. I guess the stress was making my Lupus act up pretty bad. I didn’t need to butI was almost too depressed to get out of bed Chritmas Eve and start all of that family togetherness. I didn’t need to put on any blush, because I had a nice Lupus rash on my cheeks. Oh, well maybe a little eye shadow and mascara would remove the corpse like pallor. Once I forced myself to do it, it turned out much better than I hoped for.

Everyone had a nice time, ate well and enjoyed their gifts and I felt like my life wasn’t so wasted after all, seeing their smiles.