Got Me A New Blog

I am doing it again. I have a blog here for quotes and journaling prompts. I have one on Blogger for Scrapbooking Freebies. And another one on Blogger for digital scrapbooking.  Now I’ve got a new one here at WordPress for an actual Diary and Writers Journal.

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Dream Journals

I believe dream journals would be pretty therapeutic for most people. Whether you believe your subconscious mind is sending you messages or it is more divine than that, try writing them down. Stephen King credits some of his story ideas to nightmares.

I never dream. I suffer from insomnia and I don’t believe I hit REM sleep long enough to dream. When I do dream, it is to have psychic visions. Sometimes it is something stupid like seeing my husband putting stuff on the conveyor at the grocery store in a particular order. Sometimes, most times actually I have foresight of something bad.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not writing that stuff down!

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When I read this quote, it so very beutifully echoed what my intent as a parent has always been. Ask them, and they will tell you different. But I know in my heart what I wanted for them.

To believe in a child is to believe in the future. Through their
aspirations they will save the world. With their combined knowledge
the turbulent seas of hate and injustice will be calmed. They will
champion the causes of life’s underdogs, forging a society without
class discrimination. They will supply humanity with music and beauty
as it has never known. They will endure. Towards these ends I pledge
my life’s work. I will supply the children with tools and knowledge
to overcome the obstacles. I will pass on the wisdom of my years
and temper it with patience. I shall impact in each child the desire
to fulfill his or her dream. I shall teach.
– – – Henry James

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Son of man, keep not silent, forget not deeds of tyranny. Cry out
at the disaster of a people, recount it unto your children and they
unto theirs. From generation to generation the hordes swept in,
ran wild and savage and there was no deliverance, valiance, and
revolt. How the mighty are fallen, the great in spirit and stout
of heart, walking to their death with a halo of eternity.
– – – Yehuda L. Bialer (reference to the Holocaust)

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