Great Journaing Prompt Site

I just went Jonesing for writing prompts and found this site. Actually I was using this search tool called Stumble Upon  It. My son found it and we installed the tool bar in Firefox.  If you hit the Stumble upon it button, it automatically finds a site from the things you have told it you are interested in. But it also has a search engine where you can type in something not on your list.  That’s how I found this site.

There are a bunch of printable things to help you get started.  I know I need prompts sometimes. I find that sometimes if I write about something random, it helps me open up about what is really on my mind.  I am a tightass.  I keep things bottled up because sometimes I am afraid that when I start letting it out, it will never stop.  I cannot stand the idea of being out of control.

I was molested as a child, by a friend of the family and narrowly escaped being raped as a teenager. So having control of my life is very important to me. I don’t want to be a victim.

See, I told you I would start writing about something random and out popped something from deep in my subconcious.

Anyway, if my links and suggestions don’t inspire you, check out this link.

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