Mark Twain and Testicles

Mark Twain once said, “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” 

In general, this is true. But, what if you are like me and were born with a natural frown? In case you don’t know what that is: I have a frown between my eyes almost 24-7. I was born that way. I inherited it from my Father, who inherited it from his Mother.  I passed it on to my son.

It is a real handicap.  People think you are mad, when you are just staring off into space.  I can literally smile and frown at the same time.  Then people aren’t sure which one is the one to go with.  They figure that you could either be smiling to try and hide your anger or that you are just confused yourself.

My advice is to take a second look at how you respond to other peoples facial expressions.  I also have a personality quirk, probably passed down from my Native American ancestors.  The key to being an effective warrior is not letting the other guy know what you are thinking.  In my case this translates into the ability to smile at you very nicely and then knock your head off.  I’ve done it before and my adversaries did not know what just happened.  I once walked up to a man and grabbed him by the testicles before he realized I was mad.  That’s a handy trick to be able to do. A smile can be good camouflage.

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One thought on “Mark Twain and Testicles

  1. Hummie says:

    Oh, I can identify with this! Only my mouth is actually a natural frown…I like like I’m mad all the time! Great post

    Come join the new Themed Thursdays!

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