Health Diaries

I  found a place online called daily  You can sign up for differnt kinds of questions to answer every day either on site or through email. I signed up for a bunch of health related ones, such as how was your pain level today, your depression level, what di you eat today, did you avoid fat and sugar. But there are other categories to signe up for: Social, opinions, religion, family, work, fun, education fitness.

I figure asking specific questions on a daily basis is a good way for almost anyone to get in the habit of journaling. And you might even take a photo to scrapbook about.
due to my Lupus, I have a need to track my health better. It is hard to tell my Dr. how I have been doing. If I have a bad day, I have a tendency to suck it up and hope tomorrow will be better. When I saw him last wee, all I could tell him was that I was feeling better on my new dosage of my meds and that my nose bleeds were less frequent now. I should have been better prepared to answer him.


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