My Search For Wisdom About Stress

I found this URL for how to beat stress.

I am going to mull it over and see if it helps. I already know number 9 doesn’t work for me. I know what some of my anxiety is caused from. But that doesn’t help me fix myself.


2 thoughts on “My Search For Wisdom About Stress

  1. Ben Hinton says:

    I couldn’t get the link working on this for some reason. Anyway, thinking about stress I quite like Matthew 6:33. If we put spiritual things first then our other needs are catered for by God and I firmly believe that. I also find that having an active ministry – helping others learn about the Bible helps you to think more about others than about your own problems and it helps to put things in persepctive.

  2. wanda says:

    Thank You for the comment. I am trying to keep my spiritual needs on the top of my list.

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