Good/Bad It’s All The Same

I don’t believe I will be taking many photos in the next few months. My Father has stomach cancer and my grandson suffered a head injury that required surgery and the courts have not yet established if it was accidental or not. I’m just not the type to take a camera to a hospital.

As far a journaling is concerned, whether it is good or bad, it is life and I will continue to try and write it down. If it does not help me now, maybe it will help me later, to recall memories.  I am literally praying that I am able to take some photos for Christmas this year.  My Mother was hospitalized in a diabetic coma and with a bad UTI last weekend at the same time my Dad was there and my Grandson was admitted.  I ended up being hospitalized Wednesday for Kidney stones and a bad kidney infection as a result, and was only allowed to come hom e as long as I’m able to keep my medicine down. I had been unable to keep anything down for 5 days, but with everything else going on, didn’t want to be stuck in the hospital. Mom almost had to go back to the hospital yesterday. Diabetes is hard to control when there is infection.

I figure that if I try to get some of it out, it will give people insight into who I am/was at a later date. How you respond to adversity, often tells a lot about you.

But for me or anyone else, journaling shouldn’t just be for the good stuff or what we consider to be the acceptable emotions.  It is not bad to be angry, sad, etc. it is only when we use our feelings as an excuse to behave in an unacceptable manner that we run into problems.

3 thoughts on “Good/Bad It’s All The Same

  1. Claudette says:

    I agree, we should journal our REAL thoughts and emotions…although when we seem to be having such a bad time I was raised to keep that kind of stuff hidden…so it is very hard to expose what is really going on in my world…it feels like I am dumping my troubles on someone…lol
    I really will pray for you and your family. Keep your chin up and know that it is ok to just feel bad…I think we need that sometimes…
    Big HUgs,

  2. lascorpia64 says:

    Yeah. Complaining is sometimes very hard to do. It’s easier to say your steak is over done than to say you are heavy of heart.

  3. Hummie says:

    Wanda, I am so sorry all this is happening around you right now. Yes, I’ve always said scrapping can be good therapy–use it like you would journaling in a book–just getting the thoughts out helps. Keep on praying too.

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