Historical Events and how they Effect Our Lives

I have been thinking about going to one of those, “This Day In History” sites and writing in my journal about how different events have had an impact on my life.

Then last night I watched Obama’s Inaugural Celebration on HBO.  I was not pleased.  Someone on an email list I subscribe to noticed that HBO did not air the prayer given at the beginning.  They believe this to be because he way Gay.

I wouldn’t have even noticed the Gay thing. I would have been offended at a national broadcast containing a comparison of Barach with Jesus.  The implication in the prayer is that we need God’s help to keep us from comparing the two.
I for one would not consider that there is any comparison.  Jewish people would have been offended if he had asked that we not compare Barach to Moses or Abraham and Muslim people kill people for calling a stuffed bear Mohammed, let alone calling a man that.
Also, there has been a decided effort in the press to keep all mention of religion and Barach separate because it is a political powder keg.
It’s funny that they made this observation when  I have just been journaling about how I watched HBO with very mixed emotions last night.  I am very patriotic. It’s in my blood. My ancestors were all here before the Revolutionary War and fought in all of the wars since then.  In that sense last night was moving.
But the thing that most disturbed me was the deliberate indoctrination and propaganda. The only thing I have ever seen to compare it to are the old black and white films of Hitler and the Nazi’s at their propaganda rallies.  Everyone who came on stage compared black and white or hispanic and white etc.  If they did not do that then they were comparing Barach to Abraham Lincoln.  Personally, he hasn’t done anything Lincoln like. Now if he does something later and then gets assasinated for it, then we can talk.
I felt that the blatant use of race all through the ceremony was more likely to make racists paranoid than to unite people.  If I were inclined to be racist or prejudice, someone slapping me in the face and saying, “Hey, this is how you have to think now if you don’t want to be considered unpatriotic,” would not make me inclined to change my views. I have always been the sort to do the opposite of what I was ordered to do, even if it had originally been my intent.  I don’t like people trying to control my thoughts even when I agree with them.
If you change the way you think because someone tells you that it is what you should think in order to be “PC” and like everyone else, then you don’t really believe in these new thoughts, you are just following along.  Anyone who tries to get you to do that has no respect for you and believes you will follow along like lemmings over the cliff.  And do you really respect yourself if you follow?
That was what really bothered me about the ceremony. I felt disrespected and talked down to.
The only thing they did not try to pair up for comparison in order to tell us we are all the same, was a gay man and a straight man.  We are not all the same.  Everyone deserves to be respected for their differences. In order to be treated fairly, do I have to give up my differences?
If his gentleman who gave the opening prayer is openly gay and right wing, that’s really saying something.  Usually, right wing is associated with “Right Wing, Moral Majority”, as in Jerry Falwell. They do not usually want anything to do with the word Gay.  It is saying something about the American political situation if you can be gay and right wing after all of the moral majority talk about it destroying family values. So, Americans are being able to change their thinking all without help from the Obama political machine.
But again, I don’t agree with the Moral Majority having anything to do with politics. I am Christian, but that doesn’t mean that Falwell’s buddies should tell me what that means or is allowed to be any more than Obama’s people had a right to tell me what Patriotic means. I did notice that they forgot to mention that Abraham Lincoln, being only a man and not a Messiah, did not originally intend to write the “Emancipation Proclamation”, until war was inevitable anyway and he figured it couldn’t make things worse than they already were.
Along with a proud history of military service, my family also includes conscientious objectors and Native Americans as well as people who believe in religious freedom and freedom of speech. I was taught that it is my responsibility to think for myself, to never believe something is so, just because someone else says it is, to find out the truth myself, and that just because most people believe something to be right, may only mean that most people are wrong.
This is also going on my Top 100 Things That Make Me Scream list; when people try to tell me how to think or feel.

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