Picture Your Future

What would you like your future to be like.  I recently received a prompt in my email that asked just this question.

Hope is what keeps us going, one foot in front of the other.  Why do people only attempt suicide? Because we are born with an inherent desire to live and the hope that tomorrow will be better. People are only able to commit suicide when they have either lost that hope, or when they feel that they have done all there is here for them to do, or when they have the bad luck of not being able to change their mind at the last moment.

I have been depressed, but I have never yet lost my hope for tomorrow.

Here are the hopes that came to mind today:

My Ideal Future

In the future, I would like to be in a place where my health issues and my husbands were not so much a part of every waking moment.  I would like to be in a more stable financial position and not have to worry about how much the economy as it is now, might effect my quality of life. I also have the fear that the economy will place others in a posiion of needing help and I will be unable to help, friend and stranger alike.  I would like for my extended family to have better health, too.

Some of my family have personal issues in their lives that are very painful for me to watch them struggle through, being totally helpless to help them.

I would like to re-establish a good relationship with my Mother before she dies.  I want to be a better Christian.  My two main faults are that I can’ figure out a way to go to church without leaving my husband alone on the times that he is ill and I am well.  Obviously, it is because I fear what might happen when I leave.

And I use profanity too often. I never used to do that, but when my kids started picking it up in high school, I fell into the very bad habit.  I am not exactly foul mouthed, but I could do better. My Dad used to say that Profanity was the attempt of a feeble mind to express itself. I do not have a feeble mind, so I need to better express my frustration.  The problem is that I am surrounded by people who are not impressed when you say, “I am really annoyed with you and the situation, and am at my limit.”

I guess that would mean that as well as cleaning up my act, I need to impress upon others, that I deserve a certain measure of consideration.

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