Prayer Journals

Did you know you can write your prayers? You can keep a prayer journal.

You don’t have to try to write anything formal. I know that in some religions, prayers are ritualistic and memorized.

It can be more informal, as if you are talking to God on paper; sort of like writing a letter.

On a bad day, you could write something like, “Today, I am having a bad day, Lord.”

And then explain why it is such a bad day, and what your hopes are for improving it or surviving it. Ask God to give you strength.

It might take more time than rattling off a verbal or thought form prayer, but the process of slowing down, may actually help you connect with God and your spiritual side.

Remember, God doesn’t give us everything we want, but usually the things we need. Writing will help you slow down and focus in on what it is that you need so that you are forming a more effective prayer.

In times of extreme distress, it can be hard to find the words for prayer. This method of prayer will help you put words to your prayer.

Just imagine going back later and reading your entries and seeing your own spiritual growth. What a blessing it would be to read what you had asked for and then realize what you received. Sometimes people forget that they asked and don’t stop to notice when their wish has been granted.
Reading back over a spiritual prayer journal would allow you to take stock of your life and realize what you have been given over time and how blessed you are. Then you could write down your thankfulness. People tend to forget to give thanks in prayer.

Remember, there is not just one proper way to communicate with God.

Writing down your prayers at regularly scheduled times is a good practice. Couples schedule time for their relationships so how much better would it be to schedule time to talk to God?

Homemakers Journal

I just found a FANTASTIC idea for a journal. It is called a Homemakers Journal.

People used to keep them all the time and pass them down to their children when they left home.

I wish someone had done that for me. My two children are still somewhat dependent on my husband and I. I still have time to cram some stuff into a journal. That’s what I am going to have to do. Oh, if only I had started one years ago for each of them.

What do you put in one? According to the article I read, you can put all kinds of useful information in them. Recipes, first aid tips, lists of birthdays and anniversaries. (Just think what a valuable resource that could be for family historians).

–Tips and hints for helping to keep your home running smoothly.
–Inspirational quotes or Scriptures.
–Cleaning tips, Gardening trips
–activities and projects for kids
–holiday traditions and maybe an explanation of how they started.
–an outline of your daily activities
–meal planning
–budget planning

You could put all kinds of things in there about what you have learned in life. What a wonderful gift for a newly married couple–your daughter or your son and his new wife.

Just imagine receiving one in which multiple generations had written their small morsels of wisdom acquired over a lifetime.