Homemakers Journal

I just found a FANTASTIC idea for a journal. It is called a Homemakers Journal.

People used to keep them all the time and pass them down to their children when they left home.

I wish someone had done that for me. My two children are still somewhat dependent on my husband and I. I still have time to cram some stuff into a journal. That’s what I am going to have to do. Oh, if only I had started one years ago for each of them.

What do you put in one? According to the article I read, you can put all kinds of useful information in them. Recipes, first aid tips, lists of birthdays and anniversaries. (Just think what a valuable resource that could be for family historians).

–Tips and hints for helping to keep your home running smoothly.
–Inspirational quotes or Scriptures.
–Cleaning tips, Gardening trips
–activities and projects for kids
–holiday traditions and maybe an explanation of how they started.
–an outline of your daily activities
–meal planning
–budget planning

You could put all kinds of things in there about what you have learned in life. What a wonderful gift for a newly married couple–your daughter or your son and his new wife.

Just imagine receiving one in which multiple generations had written their small morsels of wisdom acquired over a lifetime.


One thought on “Homemakers Journal

  1. Meredith says:

    Great idea.! I keep in mind somethings my mom taught me..why I am up cleaning the kitchen. Try not to go to be with a messy kitchen…hope i can keep this up after marriage and kids!

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