Journaling Prompts Again

Hospital stays.

I have been spending a lot of time in hospitals lately. My Dad recently passed away from esophagheal cancer. Then my Mom developed an ulcerated place on her foot. Three days after she came home, she fell and broke her shoulder. While she has been staying at my house, she developed infection in her kidneys and had to be rehospitalized. The day after she came home, my husband became ill and had to go to the ER.

Have you ever had something funny happen to you at the hospital? I have had several things happen. When I was a teenager, my Grandpa was in the cardiac ICU at Ohio State University Hospital. We lived in a suburb of Cincinnati and had to travel there on weekends to visit him. My Dad hated it when someone double parked. We had a small Mazda hatchback at the time. After driving around for a half an hour looking for a parking place, we passed by a spot where someone had double parked their car

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