Bert And Ernie

Vladimir Nabokov, a Russian writer once said, A work of art has no importance whatever to society. It is only important to the individual. I find this hard to reconcile with the painting hung in a New York museum a few years ago, which depicted Bert and Ernie in a Sado-Masochistic pose.

Art means vastly different things to different people. What do you consider to be art? I find art in the beauty of nature. A drop of water hanging transfixed from the edge of an object in my yard is beautiful to me. Someone else might see a water on some rusty metal. When I see a sleeping child, I am mesmerized. The way a dog’s muscles move in perfect precision when it chases a ball, or an anatomy in general is awe inspiring. Leonardo Da Vinci saw it.

I am not overly impressed with abstract art. The closest I can come to enjoying it is when I look at some paintings obviously done by throwing or splattering paint on canvas. I am intrigued by what might have be the surface tension of the globs that caused them to burst in a specific way.

I recently saw a man on television who had started a Cloud Appreciation Society, and was surprised that other people could start blindly at clouds the way I do.

Find something beautiful and journal about it and maybe take some unusual photos.