What Makes You Feel Powerful

I recently read a journaling prompt which asked, “What makes you feel Powerful.”  I know that for some people having children makes them feel powerful because their children are completely under their control. Some people feel powerful in jobs positions which give them subordinate employees. I know for a fact that many school teachers and principals get a charge from their authority.

The thing that first made me feel powerful and in awe simultaneously was realizing that just by being in the same room with my husband could have an effect on him. I am not necessarily referring to sexual chemistry.  After we met we have never wanted to be apart.  We immediatly became halves of a whole and each other. I know that he feels the same way, because he has said so without my prompting.  It may be true that absense makes the heart grow stronger. We used to live 3 hours from each other.

I also remember that when I was in junior high school I realized that my words or my level of vocaublary gave me an edge over kids who had teased me mercilessly since kindergarden.  Suddenly I realized that with a well worded sentence that I could turn their insults back on them. I took particular satisfaction from insulting them in a way that they didn’t understand and it was even greater when they had to ask someone what I had just said and make fools of themselves. Truly the pen/word is mightiers than the sword. I also had to learn not to abuse the power.

What makes you feel powerful